At Clapham Eyecare we know that when it comes to choosing new glasses a number of factors need to be considered. When selecting frames, comfort, style and quality are of great importance while the lenses should be thin, light and afford the highest clarity of vision. Achieving this requires an individual approach, taking into consideration your individual lifestyle and vision needs.



It is easy to overlook the significance of good spectacle lens design and see them simply as a piece of plastic. At Clapham Eyecare we work with leading manufacturers to bring you the latest technology allowing us to offer lenses that give you sharper, high-definition vision, advanced plastics that make lenses thinner, lighter and stronger and amazing surface treatments to make your lenses clearer and tougher, while also protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Our trained dispensing opticians will take the time to offer advice to help select the best lens design for your lifestyle and vision needs.


Lens Design

It is easy to overlook the significance of good spectacle lens design and see them as a simple piece of plastic. At Clapham Eyecare we work with leading manufacturers to bring you the latest technology allowing us to offer lenses that give you sharper, high-resolution vision, advanced plastics that make lenses thinner, lighter and stronger and amazing surface treatments to make your lenses clearer and tougher, while also protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Here is a brief outline of common lens types and information about the latest technology that is available to give you the best possible vision:

Single Vision

Single vision refers to those lenses with a single focusing power and are used to correct short or long sightedness. For those requiring reading glasses, single vision lenses are a good option but will have a very limited viewing range.

We offer the latest innovations, including thin & light materials and advanced design to gives the highest clarity of vision.


Bifocals are a group of lenses that correct for two prescriptions, typically distance vision at the top and near vision at the bottom, with a visible line between the two visual zones. Bifocals are an alternative to varifocal lenses, but the range in vision is more restrictive.


Varifocals are a group of lenses designed to give clear, comfortable vision, whether looking far, near or in between. Varifocals are recommended to those who require sharp vision over a range of distances without the need to constantly change from one pair to another. We work closely with innovative lens manufacturer Essilor to offer a range of premium lens designs, suitable for all budgets and vision needs:

PREMIUM DESIGN                      Varilux S-Series – The most advanced Varilux lens, designed to eliminate the constraints of traditional progressive lenses

Varilux S-Series

Most varifocals come with compromise and limitations, with many people experiencing a narrow field of vision and a ‘swimming’ sensation when moving around. Varilux S-Series are the first varifocal lenses to eliminate these constraints, giving you ultimate vision with no compromise.

This revolutionary lens has been made possible thanks to the introduction of two exclusive technologies; Nanoptix™ and Synchroneyes™.


Nanoptix allows the whole lens structure to be engineered with incredible precision, creating a complex surface that maintains balance, regardless of your prescription. The result is up to 90% reduction in ‘swim’ effect, meaning that you experience incredibly stable and balanced vision as your eyes move around, reducing the need to turn your head when looking side to side.


Synchroneyes takes into account the physiological differences between your two eyes to ensure maximised fields of vision. For the first time your lenses are designed as a pair, optimised to integrate the differences between the right and left prescription as well as the distance between pupils. As a result of this optimisation you will benefit from binocular fields of vision are up to 50% wider.

Varilux S-Series is recommended for all patients looking for varifocal lenses,  without the commonly associated compromises. We highly recommend S-Series for those with a reading addition of +2.00 and above or those who have previously tried varifocals with limited success.

ADVANCED DESIGN                   Varilux E-Series – Improved dynamic vision and enhanced visual comfort

Varilux E-Series

Following in the footsteps of Varilux S-Series, Varilux E-Series stems from a new understanding of advanced technologies in optics. With Varilux E-Series, more wearers can now have access to outstanding Varilux performance.

Many people find traditional varifocals difficult to get used to as a result of the ‘swim’ effect experienced when quickly moving their eyes. The secret behind E-Series is a new technology, Swim Control™.

Swim Control™

Swim Control technology allows Varilux to create the complex progressive surface using micro elements, allowing greater control of lens curvature. As a result of this, Varilux E-Design cuts ‘swim’ effect by up to 50%. You will benefit from rapid adaption to your new lenses and greater visual comfort as you go about your daily routine and activities, be it driving, rushing to go to work, going downstairs, playing with your kids or reading.

Varilux E-Design is recommended for first time varifocal wearers with a reading addition up to +2.00 or current varifocal wearers looking for greater visual comfort compared to older conventional lens designs.

CONVENTIONAL DESIGN           Varilux Liberty – Entry level digital Varilux design, giving clear vision at all distances

Varilux Liberty

Varilux Liberty means that digital design expertise is now accessible to all patients, providing you with clear, comfortable vision, regardless of distance. Varilux Liberty benefits from Varilux’s design know-how, incorporating two unique technologies; LiveOptics and Digital Surfacing.


By studying how wearers undertake daily tasks, Varilux were able to adapt the lens design by positioning the visual zones where they are needed. The results are wider fields of vision and reduced irregularities over the lens surface.

Digital Surfacing

Digital Surfacing is a precision manufacturing technique that allows greater control of the optical surfaces, reducing optical defects at any point across the lens. Each lens is optimised for the wearer’s prescription giving great quality vision at all distances.

Varilux Liberty is recommended for those looking for an entry level varifocal, without the compromise of traditional budget lenses. Varilux Liberty is suitable for those with a low to medium reading addition.

Lens Technologies

At Clapham Eyecare we work closely with Essilor, one of the most innovative companies in the world, to offer you the latest advances in lens design, materials and treatments, ensuring your glasses give you the highest standard of vision, visual comfort and protection.

CRIZAL FORTE UV                            The most advanced lens treatment available, Crizal Forte UV is included on all our premium lenses*

Crizal Forte UV is a range of the most advanced lenses available and recommended as our first choice lens options. The Crizal Forte UV range includes all three major lens categories of single vision, varifocal and bifocal and offer 6 key benefits over standard spectacle lenses:

• Anti-reflection – Extremely high clarity of vision thanks to 99.9% of light passing through the lens, giving you high-contrast, sharp, glare-free vision.

• Scratch Resistance – Ultra tough protection on the front and rear of the lens means Crizal Forte UV will remain scratch free for 2 years – Guaranteed.

• UV Protection – 25 times more UV protection than without lenses keeps your eyes safe, all-day, every day.

• Dust Repellence – Unlike other lenses, when you clean Crizal Forte UV it won’t create a static charge, keeping your lenses dust free for longer.

• Smudge Resistance – An ultra smooth finish stops dirt and grease from sticking to your lenses, preventing the need for excessive cleaning.

• Water Repellence – Highly efficient hydrophobic properties causes water to bead-up, quickly running off the lens surface.

*Not standard on NHS funded glasses, but is available as a great value upgrade.

TRANSITIONS SIGNATURE VII         The most advanced sun-adaptive lenses available

We are proud to use Transitions sun-adaptive lenses, the market-leading photochromic lenses. Transitions have been the benchmark for photochromic lenses for many years, offering the ideal combination of darkness, fast fade back and indoor clarity. Now, thanks to new Chromea7 technology, exclusive to Transitions Signature VII, we are able to offer lenses that give:

• better response to indirect light, meaning that even when the sun is not directly in front of you they still react perfectly.

• greater performance on hot days. Other photochromic lenses work well when the temperature is in the low 20’s, but suffer on hot days, reacting slower and not going as dark. Transitions Signature VII overcome these problems, giving excellent performance over a greater range of temperature.

• virtually tint-free, clear vision indoors and at night.

• 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB.

Transitions VII are available across our Crizal Forte UV range of lenses and comes in a choice of 3 colours; grey, brown and graphite green.

Looking for better sun adaptation while driving?

Some people find that standard photochromic lenses don’t darken enough while driving. To resolve this issue Transitions have developed XTRActive, an alternative to Transitions VII that provides greater tint adaptation while driving. Visit us in store for more information and a demonstration of both Transitions VII and XTRActive.

MATERIALS                                       Our range of lens materials allows us to reduce the weight and thickness of your lenses by up to 50%

You can choose to have your lenses made from a range of different lens materials. Designed to make your lenses thinner and lighter, these advanced materials can make your glasses more comfortable and even improve your vision, even if you have a strong prescription.

Orma 1.5

Orma 1.5 is our standard lens material and is the ideal material for low to moderate prescriptions  and full rim frames. For half rim and rimless frame styles we recommend one of our high index materials due to increased robustness.

Airwear 1.59

Airwear 1.59 is a polycarbonate material that is 30% lighter and 20% thinner than Orma. It benefits from very high impact resistance and gives 100% protection from harmful UV rays, making it ideal for those with an active lifestyle.

Ormix 1.6

Ormix 1.6 is a mid-index plastic material that, like Airwear, is around 20% thinner and lighter than standard Orma. It is ideal if you have a moderate prescription.

Stylis 1.67

Stylis 1.67 is a high-index plastic that is 40% thinner than standard Orma. Being thinner and flatter, your lenses will have a more attractive profile making your glasses look better while also reducing the effect of your eyes looking bigger or smaller behind your lenses, giving you a more natural appearance. Stylis 1.67 is also highly durable and gives 100% protection from harmful UV rays.

Lineis 1.74

Lineis 1.74 is the thinnest plastic lens material available, about 50% thinner and flatter than standard Orma. They are the ideal lens material if you have a very strong prescription, helping to eliminate the discomfort caused by wearing heavy glasses. Lineis 1.74 gives 100% protection from harmful UV rays.

XPERIO POLARISED                         The complete sun wear solution

Xperio polarising lenses eliminate glare, enhance colour and contrast, whilst protecting the eyes from damaging UV rays.

They are ideal for driving, sports and other outdoor activities, or those looking for the most complete sun wear solution. They are also ideal for those with light sensitivity thanks to high light absorption and reduced glare. Xperio polarising lenses have an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) of up to 50, which means they give your eyes 50 times more protection than wearing no lenses.

Xperio polarised lenses are available as single vision and varifocal lenses, across a wide range of materials and three colour options; grey, brown and grey-green.


At Clapham Eyecare we understand that when it comes to choosing new glasses our customers are looking for comfort, style and quality. With that in mind, we work closely with leading manufacturers to offer you an exciting range of the latest styles, including great value budget frames, cutting edge fashion models and the latest designer ranges. With over 600 frames in store you can be assured of finding your perfect frames.

Our trained dispensing opticians will take the time to advise you of the best frames for you and prescription requirements.


Style Advice – How to find your perfect frames

With glasses now seen as a fashion accessory just as much as a tool for correcting vision, the variety of styles, colours and materials means there is a frame for everyone, but finding your perfect one can be a daunting task. That is where we come in, with our experienced team on hand to offer advice and guidance to make the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

Things to bear in mind

• Ask us to look at your prescription, some frames look better with certain prescriptions.

• Some frames are unsuitable for higher prescriptions.

• Varifocals may require slightly larger frames.

• Get us to check the fit of the frame. Frames that are too wide for your face may cause more distortion at the edge of the lenses.

• If looking at acetate (plastic) frames make sure the bridge fits properly as this cannot be adjusted. Also, make sure the sides are not too long as usually they cannot be shortened and will look unsightly when adjusted. If you cannot find an acetate frame that fits well, consider a metal frame instead as they are more adjustable.

• Take your time. If you cannot make your mind up then consider asking a friend to come with you or ask us for an opinion, we’re happy to offer advice and want you to leave happy.

Choosing a style to suit your features

No two people are the same, but generally the shape of your face can be put into one of the following groups; square, rectangular, round, oval and heart. A key area to look at to decide which best describes you is the line from your temples to your jaw. If this is straight then you are more than likely square or rectangular, if it is soft and sloping then you are likely round, oval or heart.

Square faces

Face Shape - Sqaure

Angular faces with a strong jaw line, broad forehead and square chin. The length and width of your face are proportional.

Look out for:

• Oval or round frames

• Frames where the temples (sides) connect at the top or centre of the frame

• Butterfly or cats-eye shaped glasses


• Square shapes that accentuate the angles of your face

• Low set temples

• Strong colour accents on the bottom of the frames that draw emphasis to the chin

Rectangular faces

Face Shape - Rectangle

Faces that are longer than they are wide. Angular features such as high cheek bones, longer nose and tall forehead.

Look out for:

• Deeper frames to create the appearance of a shorter face

• Broad frames or frames with an accented top rim or decorative temples to give the appearance of width


• Small frames that are out of proportion to the face

• Shallow frames that make the length of your face more pronounced

Rounded faces

Face Shape - Round

Faces where the width and length are of the same proportions, with full cheeks, a rounded chin and few angular features.

Look out for:

• Angular and geometric shapes that contrast facial features

• Rectangular styles can make faces appear longer and thinner

• Upswept frames draw attention to the top of the face

• Frames with temples that connect at the top give the appearance of length to the face


• Narrow frames that accentuate the width of the face

• Round frame styles that exaggerate the roundness of the face

Oval faces

Face Shape - Oval

Faces that have balanced proportions, where the chin is slightly narrower than the forehead and cheek bones are high.

Look out for:

• Most frames work well with oval faces, but rectangular and geometric shapes add angles to soft curves

Heart faces

Face Shapes - Heart

Faces with a broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin.

Look out for:

• Bottom-heavy frames that add width to the bottom of the face

• Frame with low set temples to draw attention downwards

• Narrow, rounded styles to soften the appearance of the forehead


• Top heavy styles that focus attention upwards

• Thick, decorative temples that accentuate the broad upper face

Made To Measure Eyewear

For those of you who want something completely unique or where an off-the-shelf frame doesn’t quite fit, we offer the exclusive range of bespoke eyewear from British designer Tom Davies. This range of hand made eyewear is available for men and women and gives you the freedom to customise a frame to your exact requirements, based on shape, size, fit, material and colour. Why compromise?


TD Tom Davies

At Clapham Eyecare we are proud to work with TD Tom Davies to offer you this stunning collection of high quality eyewear that is available in one of two concepts; Ready to Wear and Bespoke. Having started out making custom frames for the rich and famous, Tom launched his revolutionary, bespoke, made to measure eyewear range, allowing everyone to experience the ultimate in customisation without the four figure price tag. Below we explore the different concepts on offer from TD Tom Davies.

READY TO WEAR – Hand-crafted eyewear from £190

A collection of eyewear from Tom Davies that is ready to go, perfect for you if you are happy with the look, fit and feel of Tom’s ready to wear creations.

With over 60 ready to wear styles in the collection, all available in at least three fantastic colours and made from the highest quality cotton acetate and pure titanium, you are almost guaranteed to find a pair of frames you will love.

Should you find a ready to wear frame that you love, but the comfort and fit aren’t perfect, then you may want to consider the bespoke, made to measure service.

BESPOKE – Hand-crafted for your eyes only from £290

Tom Davies Bespoke is a unique service that allows us to tailor make your eyewear to perfectly suit you and your individual needs. Creating your perfect eyewear is a journey that starts with you.

The first step towards crafting your perfect frame is to get to know you. We can arrange a time that suits you to have a styling consultation with one of our qualified dispensing opticians, allowing us the time to discuss and understand both your optical requirements and personal style and preference. We will identify any problems you’ve had with previous glasses, such as them slipping on your nose or feeling too tight on your head. From here we will guide you through the TD Tom Davies ready to wear collection, identifying styles that suit your needs and that you feel comfortable in, before developing the final piece to obtain a perfect fit.

Once we’ve found your perfect style we need work on getting the perfect fit. The most important part of bespoke eyewear is making sure they are perfectly sculpted around your nose and ears. As the main contact points between the frames and your face, these are the areas that most people have to compromise on with an off the shelf frame. We take detailed measurements of your head, including head and temple width, positioning of your ears and of the shape of your nose.

Now we know the shape and size of your new eyewear it’s time to select your perfect colour. With over 40 cotton acetate and 30 pure titanium colours to choose from it’s crucial to select colours that are right for you. As part of your styling consultation we will consider your natural colour palette and make suggestions based on our experience of what works best with certain skin tones. Of course, if you already know what colours work for you then we are happy to follow your lead, after all you have to feel completely comfortable wearing your new frames.

Once the design of your frames has been chosen it’s time for Tom Davies’ skilled designers to take over. They will work closely with us to fine tune the design, making small adjustments to the size and shape to ensure the perfect balance and fit to perfectly compliment your natural features.

The final stage is to manufacture your wonderful new frames. Tom Davies skilled craftsmen will carefully hand make your frames, carefully following the design blueprints we have put together. It takes between 18 and 22 man hours to create your new eyewear. And the finishing touch, your name is engraved on the inside of the temple, so that you know these truly are unique to you. It takes approximately 5-6 weeks for your fantastic, made to measure frames to arrive back with us, but we’re sure that once you’ve seen them and worn them, you will agree that it was worth the wait.


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MySight is an exciting new portal that allows you access to your personal database within our practice systems. MySight allows you to view many aspects of your eye care history with us, including your previous appointments and prescription details, when your next appointment is due and even allows you to book an appointment for a time that suits you.

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